Series Introducing Our 7 Elements Using Digital Transformation to Drive Successful Business Continuity Planning

The days of “disaster recovery” have long transcended backup power, site diversity, and file archival. Your Digital Business Continuity Plan will hinge on some, if not all, of these Operational Readiness elements.

Read on as we introduce the seven elements of a successful and survivable Operational Framework.

Introducing Our “7 Elements of Successful Business Continuity Through Digital Transformation” Series

It’s Time for a Post-COVID Technology Assessment

After the initial shock of quarantine, our team has been in near-constant conversations with enterprise stakeholders, having increasingly productive and relevant dialogues with technologists and business folk. These discussions have primarily been regarding how Digital Transformation fits into revised 2H20 and FY21 planning and priorities in the wake of this evolving pandemic.

As business and technology leaders forge beyond crisis and recovery operations, they are putting up their periscopes to survey the flotsam and jetsam of event-driven emergency management and begin to peer over the horizon toward the next 18 months.

As a trusted advisor and solutions provider, our clients are turning to us—not to develop yet another study or strategy—but to quickly assess systems, processes, and pre-COVID technology roadmaps and develop discrete, revised plans of action.

Business Continuity Driven by Digital Transformation

It’s already universally accepted that in our post-crisis re-emergence, Business Continuity will be driven by Digital Transformation. In fact, initiatives unrelated to operational resilience will likely struggle to get funding. To accelerate the next normal, we have developed the following Operational Framework. Our clients are using this as an informal scorecard, usually selecting three or four of the seven dimensions outlined below to triage, adjust, and recapture momentum in support of likely revised corporate goals

The days of “disaster recovery” have long transcended backup power, site diversity, and file archival. Your Digital Business Continuity Plan will hinge on some, if not all, of these Operational Readiness elements.

Triage Your Business with Our 7-Week Operational Framework

Over the next seven weeks, we will take deeper dives into:

Operational Resiliencytools-1

Have you architected flexibility into your IT infrastructure for disaster recovery, survivability, and disruption?

The next normal isn’t simply about server backups. It’s about effectiveness while architecting end-user location agnosticism. This post will focus on the concept of Intelligent Cloud Management.

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Operational Agilityincrease

Can you respond to crisis scenarios rapidly and fluidly with automated orchestration, access (re)deployment, and service assurance?

Event-driven cutover should be frictionless and, when possible, mobile responsive without impacting performance of corporate systems and user access. This post will cover Remote Workforce Enablement with a focus on IT Service Management and Monitoring as a Service (ITSM/MaaS).

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Operational Efficiencygears

Have you identified and minimized routine but inefficient and error-prone processes, which are ripe for high-accuracy, always-on digital intervention?

We have all witnessed breakdowns in people-powered processes along the entire enterprise continuum from HR ticketing to Customer Experience and transactional services. This post will discuss survivability, scale, and consistency for routine, but mission-critical processes by leveraging Intelligent Automation, identifying more cognitive work for your expert employees.

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Operational Intelligenceai

Are you deriving data-driven, actionable insights with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)?

You should not only aspire to be a data-driven culture, but also an organization driven by intelligent decisioning. This post will outline realizing the potential of AI, ML, and custom algorithms for pattern recognition, anomaly detection, and predictive and prescriptive analytics across multi-departmental use cases.

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Operational Instrumentationnetwork

Have you instrumented your enterprise, deploying connected sensors to gather and analyze sensory telemetry? Are you ready for 5G and the Gig Economy?

Almost a subset of #4, IoT is no longer relegated to cameras and environmental controls. If you felt like you were flying blind under quarantine, it’s time to explore adding M2M capabilities to your production equipment. This post will explore the Connected Enterprise, which goes well beyond surveillance, asset management, and mobile enablement.

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Operational Securitysecure

Are you concerned Governance, Risk, and Compliance may suffer under remote operations?

In the Spring of 2020, many companies were able to mobilize rapidly, only to create new problems while solving others. Potential, evolutionary, and dynamic vulnerabilities must be anticipated in advance. In a flash cut, we have moved well beyond multi-factor authentication and VPNs. Security is always a cat and mouse game played against very clever bad guys. This post will address evolving security threats with a Distributed Workforce and Cloud-First Architectures.

Operational Excellencelike

Are your employees and customers able to engage with your enterprise across omni-channel platforms to ensure productivity and satisfaction?

Over the past months, help desk and contact center agents were reconfigured in home offices as support inquiries hit record high volumes—a perfect storm of underserved user groups. For reasons of both continuity and generational preference, voice should be the channel of last resort going forward.

Crafting the new customer journey will require fundamental process shifts, advanced analytics, contextual awareness, and empowering but ubiquitous technologies. This post will focus on Digital Experience Management.

Prepare for the Readiness Renaissance

We look forward to sharing our Business Continuity Through Digital Transformation Series with you, gearing up for what we believe will be a Readiness Renaissance beginning in the second half of 2020. It’s possible to foster disruptive innovation while “minding the store.” Our hope is that this series becomes an interactive forum for idea development and passionate, but respectful, exchange.

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