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Energy Spend Optimization

Energy Spend Optimization

Did you know…

  • There are more than 180,000,000 utility poles in the US? 
  • Some companies spend more than $200M/year just to connect their network assets to utility poles in order to deliver consumer services? 
  • Those costs continue to rise year over year? 
  • And did you know that incorrect billing for these services can result in millions of dollars of additional annual expense? 

To solve this issue, pureIntegration has partnered with cable and other companies to develop an offering focused on Energy Spend Optimization. 

Energy Spend Optimization is a potential game-changer for any company that is seeking to optimize their cost structure and use of utility pole infrastructure for delivering services. While perhaps not a new idea, it is a strategy that can lower operational expenses while simultaneously helping meet an organization’s sustainability goals.

Energy consumption remains a significant part of Operational Expenses (OpEx) for many businesses. While the annual spend is substantial, ensuring “correct” billing is challenging and complex. This situation presents a possible gold mine waiting to be explored. A treasure trove of potential cost reductions. pureIntegration boasts an elite team of experts in this field, positioning us as a go-to partner for energy management needs.

You might be thinking: “Does tapping into these reductions require hefty capital expenses for hardware replacements or significant changes in current operational processes?” Not at all. There are a wealth of 'low-hanging' opportunities that can be harnessed without the need for drastic changes, such as server replacements, lighting modifications, or work shift alterations. Moreover, any required OpEx or Capital Expenditure (CapEx) spending promises a short Return on Investment (ROI) period of just 1-2 years. Meaning the benefits of true OpEx reductions can be reaped in no time.

At this year’s SCTE Energy 20/20 event, we partnered with Comcast and Rogers to present a case study highlighting our use of Energy Spend Optimization to maximize Comcast’s energy assets, resulting in substantial savings in both OpEx and CapEx.

"How often do you get to harmonize three of your favorite topics? Environment and sustainability, efficiency and OPEX optimization, and hyper-contemporary technologies," commented Clayton LiaBraaten, Chief Commercial Officer for pureIntegration. "The Energy Spend Optimization work we are doing with Comcast is rewarding from both the sustainability perspective and the OPEX reductions we are finding together - rendering rapid ROI on an ostensibly self-funded project. The impact is significant, and our team is truly passionate about this challenge, amplified by the results we're achieving."

Whether you're a telco, a utility, a Cable MSO, LEC, or any company aiming to cut costs and meet your green goals, our team can deliver a tangible impact on your bottom line. We achieve this through our unique ability to aggregate, analyze, and optimize device distribution and provide strategic recommendations that deliver guaranteed results.

We're on a mission to help more companies accomplish their energy optimization goals. To begin a conversation about how we can revolutionize your business, reach out to us at Let's join forces to create a future that's both greener and more energy-efficient.