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pureIntegration Announces Launch of New Automated Video Content Review Solution, ContentCheck™

pureIntegration Announces Launch of New Automated Video Content Review Solution, ContentCheck™

The launch of ContentCheck™ will help media companies automate the classification and regulatory compliance requirements required of political ads in time for the 2024 political season

Reston, VA pureIntegration, a leading IT and Ad Tech consultancy and software solutions provider, has launched a new SaaS offering that automates the classification and compliance review process for video advertising content. The cloud-based application, ContentCheck™, released today, combines pureIntegration’s Ad Tech industry expertise and AI technologies to automate the political ad content review process to analyze and report on each piece of content’s compliance with federal, state, local, and provider-specific standards and regulations. Alleviating what has historically been a manual process, ContentCheck enables media companies to rapidly scale political advertising workflows and generate new revenue opportunities in time for the 2024 political season and beyond.

Political advertising spend for the 2023-2024 election cycle is projected to surpass $10.2 billion, a 13% increase from its previous 2019-2020 cycle, as reported in AdImpact’s Political Spending Projections Report. Currently, media companies are tasked with manually reviewing each political ad to classify and cross-check against compliance regulations, which creates staffing, workflow, and accuracy challenges while slowing down the order-to-revenue process. ContentCheck, operating on pureIntegration’s established Bullseye platform, uses AI-based technologies, including Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning to augment human insight to streamline workflows.

Clayton LiaBraaten - Chief Commercial Officer - pureIntegration“As a trusted partner to the media and advertising industries for nearly two decades, our focus and commitment have remained steadfast in helping our customers to modernize their workflows, capitalize on efficiencies, and position their organizations for scalable growth,” commented Clayton LiaBraaten, Chief Commercial Officer for pureIntegration. “ContentCheck is a direct result of our forward-thinking commitment and is well-positioned to deliver incredible value to media companies, especially with the projected double-digit increase in political ad spending this year. Some of our customers using ContentCheck in beta have shared how it has reduced the bottleneck in their workflow, allowing their ad sales teams to generate new revenue opportunities while minimizing the enterprise’s risk of non-compliance.”

In addition to providing a more streamlined review and workflow through automation, ContentCheck also delivers the ability to address resourcing, workflow and headcount limitations. As a fully managed SaaS solution running 24/7, ContentCheck provides near-constant review and elasticity to quickly expand capacity without necessitating a surge in hiring or additional training. This scalable workflow allows experts to make smarter and more informed decisions more quickly and effectively. The SaaS model ensures low operational overhead while delivering adaptability and highly customized configurations, making ContentCheck flexible for the broader media ecosystem, from MVPDs and content providers to advertising agencies and creators.

Nick Hunter - Account Executive and Bullseye Solution Architect - pureIntegration.jpg“We have been fortunate to be developing ContentCheck in active collaboration with some of the largest broadcasters in the business. This has allowed us to evolve critical user feedback in the design process as well as run comprehensive, real-world testing and validation of the ROI this solution offers,” shared Nick Hunter, Account Director and Bullseye Solution Architect at pureIntegration. “We have proven that ContentCheck can handle elastic scaling to support reviewing thousands of political ads in mere minutes at the highest levels of accuracy. This is a significant advancement in the ad content review process and one we are proud to bring to market.”

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