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IoT as a Service (TaaS)

IoT as a Service (TaaS)

IoT Business Opportunity

The Internet of Things (IoT) market has quickly grown from home automation, M2M, & security solutions to include smart home, connected health, connected vehicles, smart energy, and smart cities. pureIntegration has been delivering IoT solutions for service providers for many years. The culmination of this experience is now available to you in an easy to consume solution. This solution will enable you to position yourself as the central IoT communications platform for your customers now and for years to come.

The IoT Challenge

Rapid consumer and enterprise adoption of connected devices are driving the next wave of technology transformation from islands of devices to an ecosystem of interconnected, intelligent systems. This proliferation of heterogeneous solutions creates problems handling data volumes, inadequate wireless bandwidth & quality, complex integration, limited knowledge, and an explosion of security attack surfaces. Businesses, universities, and municipalities are looking for solution partners for their smart initiatives. How can operators position themselves to offer IoT services with the highest level of value, quality, and profitability?

The Solution – IoT as a Service (TaaS)

pureintegration’s IoT as a Service solution enables operators to quickly launch turn-key IoT network and data services for their business and municipality customers; providing connectivity for smart buildings, smart utilities, fleet
management, traffic control, law enforcement, and other smart connected applications. The addition of long-range low power wireless (LoRa, 5G, etc.) coupled with existing broadband connectivity enables operators to serve as the
gate-keeper for access to millions of connected devices. pureIntegration speeds time to market with mature solutions,
capabilities, environments, methods, expertise, and toolsets for consistent & repeatable results.

Operator Value Proposition:

Generate new sources of revenue with a much larger reach than traditional services.

  • Offer new IoT connectivity services to support rapidly growing IoT data & application needs
  • Service large geographic areas with hybrid long-range low power wireless and existing broadband networks
  • Create added value through automation, monitoring, analytics, and insights
  • Ensure secure & high quality edge-to-cloud computing environments
  • Employ managed environments, operations, & support for customers

pureIntegration Smart Life Capabilities

pureIntegration’s strength is accelerating operators’ strategic road maps.

  1. IoT as a Service: turn-key solution for hybrid long-range low power and broadband IoT connectivity
  2. Professional Services: product & systems integration, security vulnerability assessment, deployments
  3. Managed Services: prototyping & certification labs, on-boarding, playbooks, operations management
  4. Cloud Storage & Security: public & private cloud solutions with security vulnerability assessment & testing
  5. Analytics & Insights: create extraordinary value from IoT data to predict customer needs and prevent issues

IoT Smart Labs

pureIntegration has a primary IoT lab located in its Herndon headquarters in addition to field locations in strategic markets including Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, and Sunnyvale. pureIntegration’s IoT Smart Lab combines formal lab booths, large test harness & demo space, office & home environments with access to the operator’s QA and vendor development environments. We conduct lab testing on-site, remote on-shore, and remote off-shore as needed. Our lab environments are powered by a datacenter with full cloud services.