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High ROI of Automating User Provisioning Processes

High ROI of Automating User Provisioning Processes

The Challenge

A large television and online retailer purchased the MicroFocus Operations Orchestration software framework with the intent to automate a time-consuming business process: provisioning and terminating employee access to secure systems.  Other MicroFocus partners were brought in as a subject matter experts to deliver the solution described by MicroFocus, but they lacked the expertise to adapt the solution to QVC's technical environment.

Over time the software license ownership changed hands, and the organizational drive to deliver the promised solution faded, resulting in a significant cost with no additional benefit to the organization.

The Solution

pureIntegration made the immediate decision to focus on automating the most mature processes first to demonstrate success and achieve immediate ROI.  The pureIntegration team quickly recognized the need to perform a 1-week proof of concept (PoC) on site at the customer to reestablish confidence in the product.  In that week, pureIntegration developed an OO flow that pulled open requests from HP Service Manager, provisioned the user and group membership into Active Directory, and resolved the request appropriately.

In a demonstration to executive stakeholders at the customer, pureIntegration proved that automation initiatives like the ones promised during the MicroFocus Operations Orchestration sales cycle were not only realistic but also achievable goals.

The Measurable Outcome

After successful PoC, the customer requested that pureIntegration conduct a project to complete the full SDLC around the PoC flow.  pureIntegration incorporated customer feedback on the flow, completed multiple testing cycles, and deployed the flow into QA and production environments.

The flow continues to run, provisioning new employee access requests at an average rate of 100 per day.  It has also been updated to provision accounts globally for the organization, as opposed to only for US-based employees.  Based on internal labor rates and estimated time saved to manually close each line item, the flow delivers $3,000 of ROI per week, or over $150,000 per year.