Powerful LPWAN Solutions for IoT: How low power wide area networks will accelerate smart city & connected business initiatives


The rapid growth of IoT has dramatically expanded the number of wireless devices in the home and around us. This expansion has been remarkable considering large dependence upon short range, local area networks, and longer range, antiquated cellular networks. One of the key changes enabling the explosion of IoT solutions is the deployment of LPWAN (low power wide area network) with accessibility measured in kilometers rather than meters. Greater ranges open the flood gates to more comprehensive hybrid solutions that are driving smart cities, business, automotive, and industrial connected initiatives.

  • What are the use cases and value that will be enabled with LPWAN?
  • What are the advantages over similar 5G cellular solutions being developed?
  • Which platforms provide the most promise?
  • How will operators position themselves as key players in this new ecosystem?

Get ready to see real examples of LPWAN use cases and how operators will drive the next wave of evolution in IoT. This paper will share some approaches and examples of how LPWAN will drive value. Readers will get an overview of the technology, its applications, and some of the leading wireless solutions in this space.

Who Does this Paper Serve?

The audience for this paper is anyone planning or designing an IoT solution to serve home, business, municipality, and/or industrial purposes. This includes product executives, solution architects, and operations professionals who are interested in understanding the strategic opportunities and impacts – in addition to specific use cases and value propositions – involved with leveraging LPWAN solutions.



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