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The Power of ContentCheck: Streamlining Political Ad Review

The Power of ContentCheck: Streamlining Political Ad Review

They’ve been trickling in so far, but we all know the tidal wave of political ads are headed our way. With billions of dollars up for grabs in the 2023-2024 election cycle, media companies are looking for ways to capitalize on this rush and the increased revenue opportunities that come with it. However, with this surge in political ads comes the additional challenge of reviewing and approving them to ensure compliance with the various standards and regulations. This creates bottlenecks in the workflow and presents a higher risk of non-compliance with those regulations given their seemingly ever-evolving nature. Enter ContentCheck™.

ContentCheck is a game-changer for media companies in managing the way they handle political ads. It’s an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that leverages AI technology to automate the classification and content review process of political ads. It replaces the current cumbersome manual process, allowing media companies to scale their political advertising workflows, increase revenues rapidly, and lower non-compliance risk.

As a fully managed SaaS solution, ContentCheck streamlines the review process for political ads, positioning users to tap into the estimated $10.2 billion in political advertising revenue expected for the upcoming election cycle, while also streamlining the process for other ad classifications beyond just political as well. In a world where every second counts, ContentCheck provides media companies with the competitive edge required to meet advertisers needs. So that tidal wave of political ads? With ContentCheck, media companies are hanging ten instead of gasping for air. Who wouldn’t want that this coming political cycle?

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