What I Learned: WICT “My Climb Up the Corporate Ladder”

On August 26, I participated as a panelist on the WICT Greater Philadelphia’s Speaker Series event, "My Climb Up the Corporate Ladder." What a delight to share an hour with three incredible women, all forces within their own right.

We shared our experiences on everything from the best advice we’ve received in our careers and navigating salary negotiations to, how we view what all women are always striving to attain – the coveted “balance.”

I am thankful to learn from my colleagues on how they manage sexism in fields dominated by men, how they own their diversity, and the seats they earned at the table. I am also proud to share my own stories, reflecting on how I have benefited from both male and female mentors. For example, I began my career with a mentor some 24 years ago with Accenture and then found my way back to working with them two years ago at pureIntegration!

I have been so fortunate to grow my career with this aspirational company – one which fortifies a culture of innovation, curiosity, and collaboration. One which invites challenging the status quo, hunting for the root cause of an issue, and solving thorny problems with the most efficient approach. With pureIntegration, I live in the world of what is possible, and I address it shoulder to shoulder with creative, smart, diligent colleagues who inspire me daily.

While the world reels and reacts to the disruption of COVID-19 on our day-to-day routines, the pureIntegration leadership team starts each workday together, focused on the power of opportunity. We maintain a spirit of positivity and challenge ourselves to leverage our experience and expertise in serving the communications, media, and high-tech industry across the last 15 years to serve our clients in the health care and life sciences, credit union, and energy and utility industries.

It means so much to serve an organization that is authentic, that creates an environment of acceptance and positivity for their employees, and that prioritizes the best in approach and practice for their clients. I truly appreciate the opportunity to participate in the WICT Greater Philadelphia’s Speaker Series event, "My Climb Up the Corporate Ladder."


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