Providing HP Business Service Management (BSM) Solutions

The Challenge

Our large cable operator client has a multi-tier distributed architecture which makes it time consuming and resource intensive to identify and address performance and availability issues impacting their customers. In order to address these issues, the client needed a solution to provide end-to-end monitoring of critical business processes which would proactively detect outages from the customer facing application through the downstream systems.

The Solution

pureIntegration partnered with HP to introduce the cable operator’s stakeholders to the HP Business Service Management (BSM) solution and to demonstrate the product capabilities through a pilot implementation for several critical business processes. Upon completing the successful pilot, pureIntegration followed our agile monitoring methodology to define the comprehensive end-to-end user experience and implement HP BSM for application monitoring across all architectural tiers (Customer Facing, Enterprise Service Bus, Billing, Ticketing, etc.)

The Measurable Outcome

pureIntegration successfully implemented BSM monitoring for six critical customer-facing applications which extended outage detection and performance monitoring for business processes and provided end-to-end visibility to the applications and downstream systems. This enhanced visibility improved root cause identification, resulting in reduction of the number of people involved in triage and a reduction in resolution time for customer impacting performance and availability issues.