The Future of Home Networking [WHITE PAPER]


The advances in mobile, broadband speed and wireless technologies have enabled the consumption and production of content anytime, anywhere. For instance, with video streaming available on the go and Internet of Things (IoT) devices always online, consumers expect constant connectivity. This is prompting Service Providers to rethink their strategy in regard to gateways, network architecture and security as their customers’ needs are evolving. Service Providers have a unique ability to create an end to end solution that unifies the user experience across gateways, secures the network and offers value-added services such as: Content Protection, IoT Integration, QoS (Quality of Service), SLA (Service Level Agreements), Self-Healing Networks Services, and Operator Home Network Visibility

This white paper will discuss the benefits of such an end to end solution, the challenges in implementing one and a proposed approach on how to develop, integrate and deploy it into a Service Provider grade network.


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