5 Dumb Things People Do with HPE Software

So let’s get the list out of the way, since we all know that's why you are here:

  1. Relying on the software to discover the depth of automation challenges
  2. Assuming that the automation capabilities are enabled with 'set and forget'
  3. Thinking all HPE Software will just-work together (as promised by PowerPoint)
  4. Trying to take advantage of automation software while still working a day job
  5. Not planning to upskill staff on automation technology as part of the change process

What is the shared problem? Not enough focus on people and process as part of the software deployment. The consequences are quite significant, as 80% of technology deployments continue to fail. Smart people are still making common mistakes and spending most of their time working in operations and not focusing on operations. The wording of the previous sentence is subtle but the impact is significant; let me explain.

I hire smart people. I hire smart people because I want them doing smart things. I don’t want my smart people overburdened with tedious but necessary tasks. Most of us realize that a vast majority of IT work is just that. Specifically, we force a human to look at something and make a pre-recorded decision. And THAT is what you were trying to eliminate when you bought HPE Software, to help you automate and orchestrate your environment... aka, let the software do the boring stuff.

While HPE Software may enable process automation, ultimately YOU need to have the appropriate lines of communication between your various IT tools to achieve the desired functionality. With the correct integration between your HPE Software and your various existing systems, you can have your smart people defining the policies that your software will enforce instantaneously.