How ChatOps & Enterprise IT Application Maps Will Finally Kill Your War Room [VIDEO]

The quest to eliminate unwanted downtime feels like a permanent battle. We are all trying to reduce failures, diagnose issues faster, and deploy the right engineer(s) to fix the problem. This is top of mind for everyone in IT.

In this webinar, the team from pureIntegration share first-hand insights around IT enhancement projects that were recently deployed at our Fortune 500 clients, including:

  • ITSM strategies, processes, and tools that can integrate with your existing service management architectures.
  • The requirements to build application maps that will visually represent underlying application failure through correlated event data.
  • A live demonstration of:
    • A visual application map (service model)
    • Graphical reporting dashboard
    • Underlying configuration management database
    • Ability to diagnose and restart services with Chatbots